“At Vincennes, on the edge of Paris, visitors may stumble across the relics of the 1907 colonial expo in which men and women from the former colonies were exhibited to crowds of visitors. French authorities have neglected the site, a sombre reminder of Europe’s colonial past, which is now in danger of being irreparably lost. The Gallic rooster at the entrance of the Jardin tropical has seen better days. Once destined to preside over one of Paris’s main avenues, the central figure of the Monument to the glory of colonial expansion has lost a leg and is now covered in moss. But it still stands proudly, strutting on a globe representing the earth, on a bed of weapons and travelling instruments. Fragments of this monument have washed up in the Jardin tropical, where many hope it will be forgotten. “It’s the junkyard of French colonial history, ” says French historian Pascal Blanchard, “The memory of France’s relations to its colonies over the last century is concentrated here.” Clea Caulcutt

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